Unwrapping Resist Chews: Why They Work

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Ok, now don’t panic—but the holidays are here.

That means crazy hectic days, parties on parties and, of course, allll the holiday treats.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a recipe for holiday weight gain to you?

So what are you to do when hunger and cravings strike? RESIST!

When you unwrap up to four of these game-changing, tasty little chews daily, you’ll find the help you need to

  • Control your cravings
  • Manage your hunger
  • And feel full faster—resisting overeating to jumpstart your weight-loss success.

You can order Resist with your Distributor or in your Xyngular account HERE.

So how do they work? Let’s unwrap Resist!

Hunger Begins in the Brain

It’s mid-afternoon, and you skipped lunch. Your stomach starts grumbling. All you can think about is getting a big lunch to fill you up—and maybe checking out those donuts you saw in the break room.

So what is causing your hunger and cravings? You might think it’s all your stomach—but that’s only partly right. Your brain actually plays a key role.

Strap on your science hats, folks. Feeding yourself is one of your brain’s primary jobs, and it has developed a complex system to accomplish this.

This system is located in the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that controls key bodily processes like balancing body temperature and fluids, sex drive, and of course, food and water intake.

Think of it like your body’s thermostat, keeping everything balanced and comfortable.


In the hypothalamus, there are two sets of nerves. One that produces hunger-signaling compounds, and another that produces hunger-stopping compounds. Think of them like a traffic light, telling you to either “stop, we’re full,” or “go eat, we’re hungry!”

Pump the Brakes on Hunger

So now you’re playing a game of “green light, red light” with your brain.

But here’s the kicker: your brain is built to preserve itself and feed itself—meaning it might be telling you to “run the red light” and take in some extra calories, just in case.

This may have been a smart strategy back when food was harder to come by; taking advantage of opportunity could mean the difference between life and death!

But today, these impulses for grazing and feasting on calorie-rich foods often lead to just one thing: gaining weight.

Now this is where Resist comes in—by helping to balance the signals in your body so you eat less and feel full faster.

"Chews" to Eat Less

Resist chews feature a naturally-sourced ingredient called HbG Complex that promotes a feeling of fullness in your stomach, sending signals to your hypothalamus to flash the “red light” of feeling satisfied.

And Resist works FAST—using Resist right before eating results in noticeable drops in hunger and desire to overeat.

And did we mention this is a chew? Using naturally-sourced flavors, Resist tastes like a chewy wild-cherry candy, while being absorbed quickly and easily by your body. Plus they’re individually wrapped, so it’s easy to always have a few nearby!

For Resist FAQs, click HERE.

What People Are Saying About Resist

  • “Right before Thanksgiving I lost seven pounds in five days!” — Deanna White
  • “My mind just automatically veers to food. I can’t help it, I’m a snacker and always have been…until now.” — Christi Bland
  • “They are a game-changer. It’s like having a little dessert before you eat, and then you aren’t hungry!” — Carmin Nolin

Ready to Resist?

Resist chews are a simple-to-use, tasty, and (above all) effective way to stop your cravings and hunger at the source—and stop them fast. We know you’ll love Resist chews as much as we do.

Are you ready to Resist hunger, cravings, and overeating? Contact your Distributor, login to your Xyngular Back Office, or contact Member Service (801.756.8808) today to learn more!

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