Do Fat Burners Work?

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At the very core, fat-burning pills are designed to do what they say in the product description: burn fat. You might be surprised on how they do it.

Fat burners operate and work in a variety of ways. Many of them claim to increase metabolism, block fat absorption, increase weight loss, and maximize fat oxidation during activity. The most common ingredient in fat burners is caffeine. You’ll most likely see some which have green tea in them as well. In most instances, the root of almost all fat burners is some sort of stimulant (we’ll tell you why in the next section).

So what exactly do fat burners do? Fat burners can help:

● Curb appetite

● Convert fat to be used for energy

● Increase metabolism

● Increase your core temperature for more calorie burn

● Boost energy

There are two processes involved in fat loss and fat burners. Thermogenesis and lipolysis. In a simple explanation, thermogenesis is a metabolic function where your body produces heat by burning calories. Lipolysis is where lipids are broken down by hydrolysis of triglycerides (glycerol and three fatty acids). Most fat burners target one or both of these processes.

Are Fat Burners Effective?

Fat burners are very effective when you are trying to burn excess fat or when you want to lose weight. They will improve your body’s ability to burn fat. Whether it’s through uncoupling (creating heat inside a cell to burn fat), manipulating enzymes in the body responsible for fat loss, thermogenics, or boosting your metabolism, fat burners are very effective for losing weight and burning fat in your body.

Not all fat burners are equal though. As mentioned below, many fat burners rely on high amounts of stimulants, like caffeine and green tea. At one point, ephedrine was a very popular fat burner, but with so many negative side effects most commonly associated with it, most manufacturers have opted in for the two popular types mentioned previously. With that said, be cautious of fat burners where the main ingredient contains higher than safe doses and relies on a stimulant such as caffeine or green tea. Prolonged use of these types of stimulants can create unhealthy habits.

It comes back to the question many ask: Do fat burners work? Of course they do! But how they work is just as an important question.

What Are the Side Effects of Fat Burners?

Are there side effects to taking fat burners? Generally, the short answer is “Yes”. There is a catch though: the type of fat burner matters. Most fat burners on the market rely on artificially increasing the workload of your heart to turn your body into a fat-burning machine. This approach does work and you’ll most likely see results. But...due to this fat-burning philosophy most fat burners put undue stress on your heart. This extra stress is often the root of some of the negative side effects.

As a result, most users will see these common negative side effects of fat burners:

● Heart palpitations

● Fast heart rate

● High blood pressure and blood pressure fluctuation

● Irregular heart beat

● Insomnia

● Headaches

The Xyngular Approach to Fat Burners

At Xyngular, our weight-loss products, some of which also have the benefit of being fat burners, operate on a different scientific approach.

We don’t believe in having the heart do all the work to burn all the fat, and we don’t believe the core ingredient of a fat burner should be a stimulant like caffeine. The Xyngular holistic approach says that the whole body is responsible for burning fat, not only the heart.

For example, Xyngular’s Accelerate leverages our exclusive Thermolit Blend™ of five naturally-sourced ingredients exclusive to Accelerate and Xyngular. This patented fat burning blend helps break down excess fat in the body, controls hunger, aids in balancing and regulating healthy blood sugar levels, improves digestion for better nutrient absorption, and helps with cravings. Furthermore, this clinically-researched formula provides 24-hour fat-burning support. This time-released component of Accelerate sets it apart from all other fat burners.

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Top Xyngular Fat-Burning Products

Xyngular features six products whose primary purpose is for weight loss, but has the added benefit of burning fat. Four of these products are part of our weight-loss systems. These were designed with your complete health in mind. They target areas which promote weight loss and well-being. Their goals are to transform your health, redefine your life, shift habits, burn fat, boost energy, control hunger, lose weight, and control cravings. The other two products are stand alone products but are still featured as components of our weight-loss systems.

Ultimate: Transform Your Health + Redefine Your Life.

Ultimate is our best-value health and weight-loss system. It’s about transforming your health and redefining your life by giving you the most efficient system to lose the most weight, lose weight fast, and create healthy habits along the way. It targets the areas that usually lead to weight loss failure: poor nutrition, poor sleep habits, unhealthy habits, ineffective meal planning, stress, and many more. Ultimate includes resource guides, recipes, an 8-day jumpstart, and over a dozen Xyngular products. With Ultimate, you can expect to not only burn excessive fat, but by making healthy habits, you’ll be better equipped to keep that fat off for good.

Learn more about the Ultimate system (and $100 product credit) here.

Ignite: Shift Habits + Burn Fat + Boost Energy.

The Ignite system includes nine of our favorite products to deliver noticeable weight loss and head-to-toe nutrition in as little as 30 days. You’ll not only see fat disappearing, you’ll feel it too. Each of the products in the Ignite system aid in nutritional support, boosting metabolism, burning fat, and increasing energy so you can shed pounds in a quick and healthy way. Each one of these products were designed to create a balanced, yet quick approach for increased weight loss.

Ready to finally Ignite your weight loss? Learn more about this proven system here.

Core: Control Hunger + Lose Weight.

Xyngular’s Core system includes five weight-loss products with the purpose of cleansing your body of toxins and increasing your metabolism. You can also expect to burn fat while you are on this system. Core helps target specific issues many struggle with when it comes to weight loss: appetite control, metabolism support, healthy meal habits, cravings, and gut health. With this weight-loss system, you can expect fast, noticeable weight and fat loss in as little as 30 days. If you're looking for a simplified approach to remove toxins, burn fat, and lose weight, the Core System is for you. Learn more here.

Trim Down Trio: Control Cravings + Burn Fat.

The Trim Down Trio system is the most basic of the four systems. Don’t confuse basic with less effective though. The trio of Xyngular’s top-selling products work together to curb cravings, control hunger, and support all day energy, which drives your metabolism into the ultimate fat-burning machine.

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Accelerate with Thermolit Blend: Energy + Metabolism.

With our proprietary Thermolit Blend, Accelerate’s core function is to help you burn fat in the most efficient and quickest method possible. When Xyngular customers are looking for the quickest way to lose weight and burn fat, Accelerate is one of the first options and recommendations.

Accelerate helps you burn fat 3x faster than the competition by increasing your metabolism and boosting your energy.
The ability to burn fat faster is a leading contributor to keeping you on your healthy weight-loss journey.
Ouringredients are natural and stimulant-free. When it comes to burning fat and boosting your metabolism, Accelerate is second to none.

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Trimstix: Appetite Support + Sugar-Cravings Control.

This refreshing on-the-go drink mix was designed to support optimal blood sugar levels, but because of Xyngular’s patented proprietary blend, Trimstix doubles down as an impressive sugar-craving controller.

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At only 10 calories, this fresh drink mix is one of the most effective and easy-to-use products out there. Plus, Trimstix supports overall healthy weight loss and weight management.

A Fat-Burning System for Success

Unlike many fat burners out on the market, Xyngular products are intended to work together as a system. The reason so many supplements fall short in delivering on the promises they make? They address just ONE aspect of weight loss (surprise—there's more than a dozen)! You know there is more than just one obstacle when it comes to losing fat!

That's why Xyngular's system approach to weight loss and fat burning has been so effective. We know that there are many aspects to living a healthy life—and our systems, while definitely capable of burning fat, can do so much more.

With award-winning products and comprehensive support, including meal plans, coaching, and more, contact your Xyngular Distributor, or login to your Xyngular account to start burning fat now!

* Some of these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any products mentioned above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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