You Need a Last-Minute Summer Getaway

family road trip

As summer begins to wind down and we turn our attention to back-to-school preparation and the holidays, it can feel overwhelming. Did we check off our summer bucket list? Did we take enough time to relax? How did it go by so quickly?


If you find yourself in a summer doldrum conundrum, no need to worry—we have an idea for you. Why not take one last, quick getaway? It doesn’t have to be big or elaborate, but a simple getaway is good for the soul. Travel helps us unwind, reduce stress, and strengthen connections with our loved ones and ourselves. Plus, it’s a great way to gear up for a long winter.

Here are some quick ideas to help you get away.

  1. Keep it short and sweet. Again, it doesn’t have to be a fancy vacation; just a quick weekend away will work wonders for your stress level. A weekend is still enough time to unwind.
  2. Keep it local. Staycations not only help keep the costs down but give you a chance to really appreciate where you live. Is there a hotel you’ve always wanted to try? A hike, a beach, a pool, or a restaurant you keep hearing about? Give it a try.
  3. Keep it real. This is a last-minute, spontaneous trip so make the most of it! Disconnect from social media for a few days. Don’t take pictures of everything. Be there—in the moment, with your people.
  4. Keep it cheap. If you do want to venture to a new location, you don’t have to spend a lot. Check out this list of the 30 most affordable last-minute summer vacation ideas for a list of great cities in the United States. Then, use travel sites like Kayak and Google Flights to compare prices.
  5. Keep it relaxing. One of the best benefits of a quick, spontaneous trip is that you won’t have time to “over” plan it, which means you’ll be able to relax without a strict schedule of activities.

Most of all, keep it fun! If you want to destress, this trip can’t be distressing. The point is to break free of the routine for a bit to help you come back refreshed and focused. Enjoy! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make it perfect—sometimes our best memories are born out of those imperfections, especially when we can laugh at ourselves.

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