Spryng has Sprung: 3 Ways to Enjoy the Season


The spring season is springing up, and we are HERE for it!

With warmer temperatures thawing out the long, cold winter, spring is a great reminder of new beginnings, bouncing back, and an awesome time to reevaluate your personal goals. Here’s a few ideas to take advantage of the season and “Spryng” forward!

Spring Cleaning

You’re probably familiar with the idea of cleaning up your home and throwing out the old for a fresh start come springtime. And you’re not the first—the custom dates back thousands of years as part of the Persian New Year, and in other cultures.

Turns out they were onto something: clutter can support feelings of anxiety and depression. So take advantage of the warmer, brighter days and get started organizing your spaces. Take a look at your belongings and ask yourself if they are serving a purpose, and if they are a positive or a negative in your life. For some more spring cleaning tips, check out this blog post.

Springing Forward

In the US and Canada, the beginning of spring is following right on the heels of Daylight saving time starting back up. While many of us (writers included) may grumble about losing that precious hour of shuteye, we sure appreciate it not being dark when we leave for home! These extra hours of daylight in the evening time are the perfect time for a family walk, heading to the park or trail nearby, or taking some “me-time.” Don’t forget that exercise is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, self-care is so important! What ways do you like to take advantage of the longer, lighter days of spring?

Spryng Outside!

If you live in an area with colder winter weather, you’ve probably experienced some cabin fever and are ready to get out! If you’re feeling a bit like a bear waking up from hibernation, get outside and get active in the fresh air! If you’re not quite to where you want to be for the summer swim season, NOW is a great time to take action!

New Year’s resolutions can often stall out in the winter’s cold. But try recommitting to your healthy goals with the changing of the season. You still have plenty of time to see amazing progress, and become more, whatever that means to you. How about a walk tonight with the dog, or a bike ride? Hiking, Saturday shopping trips, gardening, paddling…there’s so many ways to get outside and get active. What’s your favorite?

And with all those outdoor activities picking back up, you’ll need to stay hydrated, energized, and focused—that’s where Spryng comes in! This fresh tasting drink mix, available in Lemon-Lime or Tropical Fusion, helps you recover after exercise and helps support your energy right down to the cellular level. And it’s so fresh and tasty, you’ll actually WANT to drink it, helping out those of us who don’t love drinking plain water all day long.

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Ask your Distributor about Spryng today and we’ll see you out enjoying the springtime soon!

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