Skip Summertime Sickness


The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you’re…sneezing.

Wait—seriously? No one likes spending time sidelined with sickness, and its even less fun missing out on summertime weather and fun.

You might, like most people, associate the flu, colds, or other illnesses with the colder seasons. But if you’ve ever spent a beautiful summer day under a pile of tissues, you know that’s not the case!

Even worse? Researchers believe that summertime sickness can stick around longer than cold weather coughs and colds—sometimes weeks!

To help support your immune system and healthy lifestyle all season long, try out these tips.

Travel Smart

Summer is a popular time to get away—kids are out of school, the weather is great, and there’s lots to see and do.

But if you’re traveling by plane, that often means being trapped with tons of other tourists in a confined space. And just like a classroom, this can become a breeding ground for germs and viruses.

No matter how you’re traveling this summer, remember the basics: wash your hands well and frequently, remember to hydrate, and try to get quality sleep when you can. For 4 tips to stay healthy while traveling, check out this blog post.

The Air-Conditioned Culprit

Ronald Eccles, director of the Common Cold Centre at the University of Cardiff in Wales has found that cranking the AC in your car and home may make you more likely to not just feel cold, but catch one too!

He believes that dramatic swings in temperature from the hotter outside air to the cold inside air “tends to lower the defenses in the nose and throat by causing constriction of the blood vessels.” The AC may also be drying out the mucous membranes that help defend your respiratory system.

I know it is a tough ask when the summer heat kicks in, but if you frequently find yourself sick in the summer, try keeping your AC at a moderate temperature, and remember to stay hydrated.

Sweating Through the Sniffles

There is no shot or pill you can pop to beat the common cold. But according to several researchers, exercise might be the best medicine (except mom’s chicken soup, of course).

In a 2010 Appalachian State University study, over 1,000 adults were monitored over 6 months, tracking their activity levels and rates of infection. Those who exercised five days a week (including walking) caught fewer colds and reported fewer sick days. Researchers believe that exercise stimulates a healthy immune system response, basically putting your immune system on “high alert” and making it easier to fend off attacks from illnesses.

So take advantage of the season, and lace up your walking shoes! Don’t think you have to go to the gym to stay healthy and active—head out to a park, play with pets and kids, bike down to your local market, there’s SO many ways!

Here’s a list of 10 things to do instead of watching TV this summer. What other activities can you think of?

Grant Yourself Immunity

You don’t want to get voted off the island this summer, right?

Every day, your body is battling dangerous compounds called free radicals that can negatively impact other cells throughout your body. Your immune system attempts to neutralize these free radicals with antioxidants, but most of us don’t get what we really need. This may leave you with a feeling of low energy and more vulnerable to illnesses.

To give your immune system support during both the summer and colder months, try out Immune. With a blend of antioxidant-packed mushrooms, along with a full daily value of vitamin C, Immune delivers the reinforcements your immune system needs for a healthy lifestyle this summer.

Click here to learn more about Immune on our website, and contact your Xyngular Distributor to get started with Immune today!

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