Our Best Month Ever: Recognizing Over 800 Xyngular Superstars

Best Month Ever

We asked you to run.

And you sprinted. Like a cheetah with its tail on fire in the middle of a drought—you sprinted.

Your hard work, determination, and desire to help others become more helped make April 2020 the best all-around month in company history!

So we want to shout out to you—all 880 people who rank advanced (adding up over 1000 total rank advancements with rank jumpers). You deserve some recognition for all your incredible work. Enjoy the video below highlighting everyone who had a hand in taking Xyngular to the next level and beyond!

You can also look for your name in April’s Rank Advancements. And if you see any of your friends’ names on there, be sure to send them some love.

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