Mother's Day—Do This Instead


You might remember a certain animated princess who feels obligated to choose a spouse, but instead decides to sneak off in the middle of the night to wander the lively streets disguised as a commoner. All in an effort “to escape the pressures of palace life,” as her friend explains.

Well, Mom isn’t so lucky. She can’t just steal away from her 32-hour a day, 8 days a week life as a care giver, problem solver, chef, maid, hugger, sports coach, life coach, teacher, healer, and . . . you get the idea.

Hard working as she is, Mom just needs a break.

Enter Mother’s Day—the one day a year when we should make it happen. There are many well-intentioned gifts out there, but we’re here to help you take it up a notch. We’re talking “favorite child” or “spouse of the year” status. Let us help you so you can help Mom—the real princess!

As you contemplate your gifts this year, try one of these alternatives.

Instead of: Breakfast in bed

Do this: Skip the breakfast—it will inevitably lead to spills in the kitchen or bed which will lead Mom to dishes and laundry—not ideal for her “day off.” Let her sleep in, and instead of toast and eggs, place her favorite book (or one from that stack she never has time to read) on the pillow next to her with a note explaining that you took the noisemakers to the park so she can relax and enjoy a quiet house.

Instead of: Generic store-bought card

Do this: Make a handmade card with a handwritten, personal message inside. She’ll cherish this card forever. It can be simple or fancy, but Mom will know that if you care enough to sacrifice your time and effort, you must really love and appreciate her.

Instead of: Flowers

Do this: Get outside and pull some weeds in the flower beds, then plant some pretty stems she can enjoy all summer! But even still, fresh flowers are nice and most moms love them. They brighten the room (kind of like Mom does, aww!) and smell nice. Bonus tip: ask Mom what she likes ahead of time. You’ve been buying her roses all these years, but what she really wants is a bouquet of pretty peonies. You’re welcome.

Instead of: Chocolate

Do this: Don’t get us wrong, most moms love chocolate, and while it might provide a fleeting moment of escape, it won’t give her what she really needs—relief from the pressures of mom life (remember that princess?). For that, she’ll want an afternoon nap and some XR2, our stress-relieving blend of natural ingredients that will help her sleep well at night and not want to eat all the chocolate during the day. Plus, it will last well beyond Mother’s Day, and shouldn’t we really celebrate moms more than one day a year? (Rhetorical question.)

Instead of: A coupon book of back massages

Do this: Okay, it’s time to step up the game here, let Mom go to the spa. Give her a gift card so she can pick out the exact pampering treatment(s) she prefers. Facial, massage, seaweed wrap, or salt glow—it’s up to her!

The truth is, Mom loves her life as a Mom and she will love anything you give her. Simply show her that you love her back (or as she says, “to the moon and back”) by giving her rest and rejuvenation so she’s ready to face all that’s waiting for her on Monday morning.

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