Introducing the Goal Getter Challenge—Healthy Changes, Support, and FABULOUS PRIZES!

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The countdown is on to 2020—a new year, a new decade…a new you?

You’ve probably made resolutions before, and you’ve probably heard that “new year, new you” expression before.

Maybe you stuck to your resolution, maybe you didn’t. But this year?

This year is going to be different—this year we’re all in this together.

Introducing the Goal Getter Challenge—read on to learn how it works, how to participate, and how you can enter to win *game show host voice* FABULOUS PRIZES every week!

How It Works

Nutshell version:

You can join the Facebook group and learn more HERE.

In this challenge, you will set a personal goal. Whether your goal is to learn a new skill, get on top of your finances, eat healthier, or start losing weight, it just needs to matter to YOU.

Use your Goal Getter Worksheet (download HERE) to define your goal.

With your goal defined, share it in the Facebook group, and find yourself an accountability buddy. This could be a friend, a significant other, a coworker, or someone from the Goal Getter Facebook group. This one simple step has been shown to dramatically increase success (up to 95%!) with the power of psychology.

Over the next 90 days, do just one thing every day to bring yourself closer to your goal. It could be big, it could be small. Just do it! Studies have shown it takes anywhere from 60 to 120 days to establish a lasting habit. Writing down your goal and tracking your progress will go a long way in helping you to stick to your goal.

How to Win

We hope you will take FULL advantage of this amazing resource by checking in frequently with the Goal Getter Challenge group on Facebook.

While we think the greatest prize is feeling awesome when you reach your goal, we realize sometimes we need a little extra encouragement.

SO, beginning on January 8, we are hosting weekly prize drawings for Goal Getter Challengers!

All you have to do to enter is write a post or share a photo in the Facebook group, at least once during the past week.

This post should be about how you’re working towards your goal (or struggling!) over the past week.

Each Wednesday, we will have a Facebook Live video with a random drawing selected from those who posted over the last week. Be sure to tune in and we will contact the winners.

Get Going Goal Getter

If you’re ready to start taking real, simple steps to achieving your goal, join us as a Goal Getter!

Download the Goal Getter worksheet and goal tracker today—we’ll see you on Facebook soon.

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