Have Yourself a Stress-Free Holiday Season with these 3 Simple Tips

Stressfree holiday

All of what makes the holidays so memorable can also make them stressful.

Think about it.

Having the family all together, especially those you haven’t seen in a while, can be entertaining. But a bunch of people in one space can bring extra noise, added tension, and unnecessary stress. 

When it comes to gifts, it can be so much fun to find that perfect present for your loved one, but if you’ve procrastinated, or you don’t have a clue about what to get . . . here comes the stress.

And, of course, all the food. The wonderful, awful food. The holidays bring so many different types of yumminess that we all enjoy, but the extra calories and sugar don’t help with the waistline, as well as the stress of trying not to gain weight. 

All that stress builds up and can do a number on your health, weight, and the joy you’re supposed to feel during this magical time of year.

So, to make your life a little merrier during the holidays, here are three simple steps to keep the season stress-free.

1. Avoid the Crowds

There’s no doubt that things get a little busier once the holidays start coming around.

Crowds are a major cause for stress, and even though you can’t always avoid them, you can limit your time amongst them.

So how do you avoid the crowds and keep your stress levels down as much as possible?

Don’t Shop on Weekends

Weekends are already the worst when it comes to any kind of shopping. Add weekend shopping to the holiday season and your blood pressure will surely skyrocket higher than the Christmas tree in your living room.

If you can, save any sort of shopping—be it grocery, present, or the like—for the beginning or the middle of the week.

Try Monday mornings or Wednesday afternoons. You’ll find that more items will be in stock, checkout lines will be shorter, and you’ll actually be able to hear the holiday music playing as you push your shopping cart down the aisles, stress-free.

Shop Online

If you really want to avoid the crowds and keep the holiday stress down, shop online.

Online shopping is only getting better and better, with more and more businesses looking to the internet to save costs on physical locations.

You’ll often find amazing deals online, and especially on days like Black Friday where the crowds are so bad you’ll want to curl up in a fetal position and cry uncontrollably, you’ll save yourself a lot of anxiety by sticking to shopping from your computer or phone.

2. Plan Ahead for the Holidays

Another way to keep the stress out of the holiday season is by planning ahead for them.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to plan for everything. There will undoubtedly be a surprise here or there, but if you can plan out the big things, you can easily manage the little things that come. 

Here are three ways you can plan ahead for a stress-free season.

Set Money Aside

There is no better way to buy all of those gifts, treats, decorations, and everything else that comes along with the holidays, than with money you’ve set aside.

Set up an account specifically for the holidays where you can put a small portion of your income aside each month. The earlier you start in the year, the more money you’ll have to use for the season of giving. 

If you’re just starting, don’t even stress! There are a few things you can do to save up a good chunk of change before the end of the year.

·      Go for home-cooked meals instead of eating out and save the money you would have used.

·      Replace daily coffee runs with coffee from home and put aside the money you’ll save.

·      For every single purchase you make, save the change that would round that purchase up to the nearest dollar.

·      Shop with coupons and save the extra cash you would have used without them.

These are just a few suggestions to help you save a little extra.

Shop for Gifts Early

Take mental notes or make actual lists of gifts you want to get for your family during the year and shop early for them.

The earlier you get your gift shopping done, the better. You’ll, once again, avoid the crowds, you won’t have to worry about figuring out last-minute presents, and you can even wrap them and hide them from peeking eyes. 

The early shopper is the stress-free shopper.

The Diet Game Plan

If you’re really stressing over ruining your diet/weight-loss progress during the holidays, plan now on how you’ll stay on track.

Come up with healthier holiday meals, plan out simple weight-loss system snacks to keep you from munching on those cookies and treats, and use Cheat, your best friend during the holidays that will literally trap a portion of consumed food and prevent your body from absorbing a certain amount of calories.

Keeping your weight-loss progress up will help you stress less when you step on the scale during the holiday season.

3. Don’t Forget About “Me” Time

Holidays are all about time with friends and family, running around to party after party, baking countless treats for neighbors, and spending a ridiculous amount of energy just trying to keep up. 

Just because it’s the season about giving, doesn’t mean you should forget about giving yourself time to relax and repair. Be sure to have some one-on-one time with yourself to keep your stress levels down.

Make a list of some alone activities you enjoy and set aside some time each day to do one of them.

If you don’t know where to start, here’s a list to get you started:

·      Take a bath

·      Read a book

·      Enjoy a nap

·      Exercise

·      Go for a walk

·      Meditate

·      Take a Christmas light drive

·      Listen to music

·      Watch a holiday movie

·      Write in a journal 

Take time for yourself each day to keep the stress from creeping up. You’ll find that the holiday season will be a lot more enjoyable as you do.

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Enjoy the Holidays Without the Stress

Holidays were meant to be enjoyed. Spending quality time with those you love and getting into the holiday spirit is what it’s all about.

By following the tips above, stress won’t get the better of you, and you’ll have merrier memories to think back on.

Happy holidays from Xyngular!

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