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How do you truly lose weight? What core essentials must you have to shed those unwanted pounds? If you’re like most people, bouncing from weight-loss program to weight-loss program without much success, you may feel like it’s hopeless.

It’s not. All you need are the basics.

Weight Loss at Its Core

To start losing weight effectively, you can’t just focus on one aspect, like diet or exercise. It takes a few basic elements.

Think of it like driving a car. Putting the key in the ignition may start the car, but it won’t move it. You have to step on the gas pedal and use the steering wheel to get to your end goal. Even gasoline and brakes are important to reach any destination.

The same goes with weight loss. There are several components or levers that need you need to pull to see the needle consistently drop on the scale. And this is why we created the Xyngular Core System. It comes with what you need to start on your weight-loss journey.

Set Yourself up for Success

Core provides you with the essentials to get you started. Five products help target specific weight-loss issues, two meal-plans give you options based on your tastes and preferences, and a charming virtual coach named Xander delivers daily support.

Accelerate with Thermolit Blend: A stimulant-free patented formula that helps speed up your metabolism, burn more fat, and suppress appetite, Accelerate with Thermolit Blend helps you lose weight faster.

Cheat: Made with naturally-sourced fiber from the Japanese Konnaku root, Cheat helps you feel full, while also preventing your body from absorbing some of the calories you eat during meals.

Flush: A natural cleanse that resets your body by aiding in digestion, Flush helps remove harmful toxins and improves nutrient absorption.

Lean: A premium protein shake with all the essential amino acids you need, Lean delivers 10 grams of protein and only 50 calories per serving. It makes for a healthy-calorie option chock full of vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes.

Xyng: A proprietary blend of ingredients, Xyng gives you natural energy, helps control your appetite, and can improve your mood. Reach a healthy weight while feeling good!

Meal Plans You Can Count On

To help you begin shedding those pounds, Core has two effective meal plans to choose from. Between those two plans to choose from: low-carb or keto. And also dozens of recipes available to you.

These meal plans will keep you on track; and the best part? The recipes taste great and are super simple to make!

Here are a few that will make your mouth water:

Southwest Turkey Burgers

Beef Chili

Meet Your New Friend, Xander

Let’s not forget about your own virtual coach! Xander helps separate Core from other weight-loss programs out there. He’s your virtual coach, and he’s available to make sure you have daily support. And we do mean daily!

His charming personality makes daily reminders and information fun, and most of our weight-loss success stories talk about how much help he provided throughout their 30 days of the system.

Most importantly, Xander keeps you accountable. Accountability is everything when it comes to reaching any goal, and it’s no different with weight loss. That daily support gives you the drive to continue down your #BecomingMore journey.

Find the Confidence to Reach Your Goals

As you can see, Xyngular’s Core system provides the basics to help you start losing the weight. It gives you the tools to find the confidence inside you and reach your goals. You do all the work; the products, meal plans, and Xander simply help.

You have it in you to make your weight-loss journey a success. And with Core, you’ll start off on the right foot.

Start your own Core system today and step forward to a new, confident you! Contact your Distributor, or call Xyngular Member Service at 801.756.8808 to order yours today!

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