Don't Obsess Over Being "Summer-Ready"


Working in the weight-loss and health industry, we see a lot of companies spreading the same messages:

  • “Get swimsuit ready!”
  • “Slim down in time for that summer wedding/cruise/event…”
  • “Ready to feel sexy and confident in your swimsuit this summer?”

And on and on it goes. You’ve no doubt seen these, or similar messages in your magazines, on TV, and probably everywhere you go online.

These companies spend a lot of time, money, and resources in determining your fears, insecurities, and exactly what will trigger you to act on them.

So that’s why what we’re saying now might surprise you:

Don’t wait to be “summer-body ready” to enjoy your life!

Around here we’re big fans of becoming more—more healthy, more fit, more happy, more energetic, you name it.

And we don’t think you should only feel “ready” to enjoy your life or summer fun when you’ve reached a certain scale number or clothing size!

Xyngular CEO, Russ Fletcher, is a big fan of the quote attributed to John Lennon that “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” What does this mean to you?

So often we say something similar to ourselves:

  • “I’ll book that vacation when I’ve lost these last 10 pounds.”
  • “Oh, I couldn’t do that zipline adventure (even though it looks amazing)—that’s for skinny people!”
  • “Next year I’ll be ready—I just don’t feel confident enough yet.”

Meanwhile, life is happening all around you. What have you missed out on recently? The truth is that you shouldn’t have to miss out on another second of your life—so start today!

Now we’re not saying that you shouldn’t have goals, or that you should stop working towards them. Quite the opposite!

But this summer, don’t let that voice in your head that tells you you’re not ready, or not good enough, stop you from living your life.

How do you get a beach body?

Take your body to the beach—period!

You are your harshest critic in almost every case. And when you don’t wake up looking like a cover model, know that they don’t either!

Instead, accept where you are at, and think about setting goals to improve the things you can. These can be physical, emotional, mental, and many other kinds of goals. But please remember that you are worthy of love and happiness at any size and in all your flawed glory. It’s part of what makes this “life” thing so fun.

Wherever you’re at in your personal weight-loss and health journey, take the next step this summer with a Xyngular System. With either the Trim Down Trio, Core, Ignite, or our highest-value Ultimate System, you’ll find amazing support, valuable resources, and top-quality products. Ask your Distributor how to get started today, and have a great summer!

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