The Bachelor Workout Game


The latest season of the hit show The Bachelor premiered recently—are you watching? With over 20 seasons and counting, the show has become a genuine pop culture event…and we might be a bit obsessed.

The show follows an eligible bachelor (helloooo Colton!) as he looks for true love from among dozens of potential suitors. Each week he spends time with the lovely ladies and has to whittle down the dates week by week, until the “most dramatic conclusion EVER” reveals his true love.

 Awkward moments? Check. Drama and over-the-top confrontations between wannabe Mrs. Underwoods? Yep, you bet. Moments of romance that make you believe in true love again (even if you’re watching with your cat and some chocolate ice cream)? Plenty! 

But this reality show doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure—invite your girlfriends to get your sweat on with this at-home workout game!

Pin, print, or share this at-home workout with your squad, and get ready for “the most feel-good workout EVER!”

The Bachelor Workout Game

Chris Harrison says “This is the most (dramatic, shocking, emotional…) season yet” —
5 pushups

A Girl Interrupts Another Girl’s Time with Colton — 5 air squats 

Someone Cries — 1-minute plank

Someone Says“I’m not here to make friends” or “I’m here for Colton” — 10 crunches 

Colton Takes His Shirt Off — 10 pushups

One-on-One Date Card Is Given — 20 jumping jacks

Someone Says “This is the perfect place to fall in love” — 1 minute of arm circles

A Rose Is Given — 5 lunges (alternating legs)

Someone Talks About “This Journey” — 10 tricep dips (use a chair or couch)

Someone Says “She isn’t here for the right reasons” — stretch (whatever feels good!)

Colton Kisses Someone — 10 donkey kicks (alternating legs)

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