6 Reasons Why You Should Be at Xyngfling 2019

Gaylord Texan

It’s coming.

And it just may be the life-changing experience you’re looking for this year. We’re talking about Xyngfling 2019, and it’ll be here before you know it.

Xyngfling 2019 is centered on the theme of “My Story” and is all about celebrating and supporting you as a Distributor, and most importantly, as the main hero of your very own story.

Give us a second to explain, and you’ll see just what an amaXyng experience you will have.

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6 Reasons to Make It to Xyngfling 2019

1. Location, Location, Location

Just outside of Dallas, in the town of Grapvine, Texas, you’ll find a beautiful resort called the Gaylord Texan. With a quiet little lake, an awe-inspiring atrium, and rooms so cozy and classy you’ll feel like you’ve hit the big times, Dallas is the place to be in April.

There is so much to do, too! From the four and a half acres of indoor gardens to the ten restaurants, and even the seasonal water park, there is plenty to do within the walls of the Gaylord Texan.

And what makes it even better is the weather. We’re talking an average temp in the 70s!

If you want the perfect setting to build your story, Dallas is it.

2. Learn From the Best

Xyngular’s top Distributors, along with our very own corporate leaders, will give you their go-to tips to help you successfully navigate your story and grow your business.

These men and women are ready and excited to share their wealth of knowledge with you, and it’s only happening at Xyngflling.

3. Powerful Speakers

What better way to craft your own unique and successful story than with the help of the world-renowned storyteller, Kindra Hall! Kindra has helped major brands, like Target and Hilton Hotels, stand out of the crowd through the power of story.

And now she’s here to help you!

Along with Kindra, Amberley Snyder will also be there to share her story of overcoming trials. Amberley has won multiple horse riding competitions but was involved in a terrible auto accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. You’ll be able to hear how she got herself back on that saddle.

4. It’s Spring! Take a Break.

When April rolls around, one thing always draws excitement—Spring Break!

And spending Spring Break at Xyngfling means you accomplish two things at once: Relaxing and enjoying some needed time off and investing in your business and yourself.

Trust us.

Xyngfling will be a Spring Break you’ll always remember because you’ll spend quality time crafting your story and your future, all while enjoying one of the most fun vacations of your life.

5. Spread Your Reach Through Networking

Like we already mentioned, you’ll find an impressive roster of individuals attending Xyngfling this year.

And there will also be others from all over the world attending. This makes for the perfect opportunity to make new friends, build better business relations, and learn and grow together.

Your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media channels are about to get a lot bigger.

6. “My Story”

The Xyngfling 2019 theme is “My Story.” Tie that together with Xyngular’s message of #BecomingMore and you’ve got a winning combination. This is because a story is all about growth. And with your story, as you work on becoming more, you’ll find success.

You’re the reason we’re a company, and Xyngfling is how we give back to you. With invaluable trainings, an extravagant award night, exclusive Xyngular swag, and more, over the course of three days, you’ll find everything you need to become the hero of your own story.

This event is yours, and we’re so excited to see you there!

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